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This saying was a favorite of founder Charles Lemuel Young, Sr., and he was noted for

quoting it on a regular basis.  Living by a motto

of service and stewardship, Mr. Young believed

that the "proof" of diligent service is reflected in

the results.

"The proof is in the pudding!"

The Charles L. Young, Sr. Foundation


The Foundation is committed to helping people, primarily young Mississippians, through various non-profit organizations that promote cultural development, community service, and education. An additional focus is on organizations that provide recreational outlets for youth in safe, clean environments.




The Charles L. Young, Sr. Foundation, established in 2001, strives to build upon the vision and values of our founder, the late Rep. Charles L. Young, Sr. Our goal is to positively impact society by encouraging community members to broaden their knowledge while committing to the highest standards of service, stewardship and leadership. Financial contributions to nonprofit organizations dedicated to community advancement, economic development, and volunteerism support community projects that serve the needy, youth and at risk individuals.

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